Good deeds together

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Titular cont: Asociatia Night Ravens

The money from the donations will be directed to the NGO Night Ravens, which deals with the following:
- support for the prevention of juvenile delinquency in schools (bootcamps, seminars, promotional materials, etc.);
- prevention and combating violence including material support for mothers with children who need to start from scratch;
- support activities and charities for the elderly, children and / or families that come to our attention (either through direct contact support requested mainly from fellow police officers, post chiefs, DGASPCs, etc.);
- other requests or initiatives to help even affected military personnel theaters of operations and physical difficulties recovery etc.).

Puteti sa ne sustineti redirectionand 3.5% din impozitul pe venit si sa  depuneti formularul 230 la, trimitand pdf-ul generat la adresa sau pe whatsapp la numarul 0732691056.