Who are we?


About the club

It is the only motorcycle club in the world, of law enforcement type, exclusively for women. Founded in Romania in 2020, Night Ravens is the first of its kind in the world.

Traditional international regulations have forbidden women from joining as full members since the 1940s. Thus, after a careful analysis of the international and national motorcycle community, we took a dangerous but necessary step in the history of international motorcycling, which offered the chance by which any woman motorcyclist, active or retired from defense structures, but also any woman first responder or civilian with affinities in the field, to be able to enjoy equal rights, like any motorcyclist and member of the LE MCs and respected MCs in the world.

Night Ravens LEMC has 3 active chapters on the Romanian territory: Chapter SouthSide, Chapter BlackSea and Chapter Central. Night Ravens LEMC has also activated Nomads members in Italy, starting with May 1, 2022, and will expand to other European countries.

Night Ravens LEMC is an official member of the International Alliance of MCs, called "The Alliance of First Responder & Law Abiding Motorcycle Clubs."

Night Ravens LEMC receives the “Woman of The Year 2022” award, given to the International President at the Ocho Awards Dallas, USA.

Actions and activities

Night Ravens LE MC se implică în foarte multe activități de prevenție și combatere, cu precădere a delincvenței juvenile în școli, coroborate cu acțiuni de sprijin pentru femeile abuzate si sprijin veteranilor de razboi si familiilor cu situatii precare.

We are starting bootcamp projects to help disadvantaged children.

The profile of Night Ravens LEMC member

Cea mai tânără membră are 21 de ani, iar cea mai experimentată, 47. Printre membre regăsim ofițeri si subofițeri din toate structurile nationale de aparare a tarii, dar şi personal civil, respectându-se toate prevederile Statutului în acest sens.

The Night Ravens member is an honest person, with healthy moral values, who promotes fairness, empathy, who knows how to relate to those around her, who understands the importance of the club's goals and who is involved in its activities.

How to become a member

Our club respects a rather rigorous status, with certain eligibility conditions.

There are a number of documents that must be submitted in order to join the club, among them: road record, criminal record, motorcycle license and possession of a motorcycle over 500 cm3. After performing the verifications, the applicant will follow, according to the regulations, the steps related to Hangaround, Prospect and Full Color, based on the Sergeant's decision and respecting the rules provided in the Statute.

For more information, we are waiting for your messages at:
  • sgt@nightravens.org
  • secretariat@nightravens.org
  • intl@nightravens.org.