International Committee of Night Ravens LEMC

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Road Name: The Huntress

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Road name: Reddevil  

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Road Name: Sam


  • International President and Founder
  • European Board Member în cadrul The Alliance of MC`s


  • Sgt at Arms National Romania


  • membru fondator Nomads Italia

Motorcycle: Kawasaki Nomad 1600

Motorcycle: Suzuki GS 500

Motorcycle: Ducati Monster 600 / Kawasaki Custom

Motto: I can`t make people love me, but I can make people fear me.

Motto: Always rise from the ashes like a Phoenix                          

Motto: Vivi e lascia vivere                                                                                            

Night Ravens: Besides the children, it is that legacy that I gladly leave in the world, a sheet of history built on the hard work of some exceptional girls.

Night Ravens: NRV is my second home. It is the place where I feel good, I feel myself and I can express and develop as a person and as a woman, exactly as I wanted. I am grateful that we have gathered a group of girls from whom we always learn. 

Night Ravens: NRV is a dream come true. In addition to the colors acquired through work and involvement, I won a family with many sisters.