NIGHT RAVENS LEMC is the first and the only motorcycle club recognized internationally, whose members are women from the national system of defense, public order and national security.
Night Ravens LEMC Romania was born on April 15, 2020, during the state of emergency established by the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea of the club came after its founders realized that it is time for the woman motorcyclist to have full rights in MC.
With clear affinities of verticality, honor and patriotism, we have always kept close to the Romanian values. We honored the military coat and gave a helping hand to the people around us. Hand in hand, we helped children, the elderly and parents who could no longer see the hope of tomorrow. We traveled the country on motorcycles far and wide, trying to do good deeds.
This club promotes the unconditional good, stability and security, loyalty and respect. We promote, by example, unity and love for one's fellow man and country.
This club is proof that anything can be achieved! Through consistency, dignity, altruism and fairness, we can move forward on a beautiful path, which will remain in the history of our nation and in the history of international motorcycling.