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Party 2021

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First International Night Ravens LEMC party.
All worldwide LEMC are invited, all friends and family, all MC, all RC and riders.
*** More details after 1st January 2021. ***

The Night Ravens LEMC 1st Intl Party will begin on Friday, 28th May 2021.
You will be greeted at the entrance of Astoria Snagov, Ilfov, with traditional aperitives and beverages.
You will be able to shop and visit our souvenirs shops, tattoo shop, barber and braids shop and walk to the food court area, where you will taste traditional romanian food. We will cheer with beer and drink cold sodas.

*** All presidents will join us at a short meeting in the VIP area! ***

We have surprise guests at our concerts, dancers and beautiful strippers.
You can join our motorcycle themed contests, set your camp in the camping area and admire all motorcyles in the motorcyle parking.
You can also rent a motorcycle for our NIGHT RAVENS RUN on Saturdaty, 29th May, which will be transmited live on tv.
At our return, we will taste delicious BBQ and Seafood, dance and admire the fireworks at midnight, following a nice music session on stage until the sun rises.
You can also go for a ride on the lake, with the wakeboarding or with the flyboard and jetski.
All safety and security procedures will be granted!
On Sunday, after everyone is awake, we will all have a nice lunch, filmed by a drone and wrap up the party in an awesome way with the promise that we will all see eachother safely soon.

*** For the international riders joining us, we will have hotels nearby, where we can book rooms for you. ***

There will be an entrance fee and a camping fee.

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